Monday, May 31, 2010

10 Shows that Kicked My Ass in May

Between some amazing finales and shows I have happened upon this last month, I'm bursting with TV L O V E. So let me ramble on to you gentle readers about all the glory of my little obsession that seems to always open my eyes and heart just a little bit more. Oh, and kick my ass. Spoilers ahoy for Supernatural and Lost.

Honorable Mention: Friday Night Lights
This show totally owns my soul. I seem to recall reading that we're getting one more season after this one. Score! I'm a bit behind most folks who are die hards...I'm actually watching it as it airs on TV *gasp* I think most people have been watching it on Direct TV. One of my favorite things about this show is NOT football. I know! It actually is seeing a happily married couple on TV. So many shows try and throw in the scandalous affairs...glad they are solid. Seeing Tami's journey so far this season is really getting me excited for what's to come. I have a feeling something big is gonna go down. Tami can play rough and dirty with those Booster Boys, but she always does it with a smile. And how amazing is Connie Britton? The fact that she has not received an Emmy for her outstanding performance makes me want to vomit.

So You Think You Can Dance
Although we have only had a few episodes, this season looks quite exciting!! Dance is my passion, and for a while there I thought it might be my forward twenty years later with my little family, not so much. Can't imagine living pay check to pay check and without my babies! Luckily I still dance when I can, stress free! Very excited about all the All Stars. Especially Mark Kanemura! I first started watching SYTYCD during season 4...I was a bit of a snob, thinking it was more like Dancing with the Stars. Nope, it was good. In fact, it was amazing...loved Mark because he was super contemporary. And America loved him too, surprisingly. And we get Mia back!

9. Psych
Decided I needed a light show that didn't make me use too many brain cells. Psych is that perfect show. You follow Shawn (a very perceptive dude, not exactly psychic, Gah spoilers!) and Gus (wise cracking, a bit on the dork side, Charlie from West Wing!) around in Santa Barbara as they work with the police department to solve crimes. He SOMEHOW (you really have to do some playing along here) gets the dept. to think he is psychic. The dude totally has a gift, I'll give him that. He's one of those guys that can enter a room and know exactly how many people have on hats and red shirts. And he has his cute girl Friday in Juliet who is absolutely adorable. Paired with the "I Heart Guns" Lassiter, Santa Barbara's top detective, it is all about the insults bouncing back and forth. What keeps this show going though is Shawn and Gus. Not only are they hilarious together, they just spill out so much pop culture nonsense, it's ridiculous. They've been BFFs since they were kids, so they have some rich history of shenanigans. Shawn and Gus Forevah....

8. Parks and Recreation

I have to admit, I wasn't a huge fan of this show the first season. But mix a little Tom, Leslie, April, Ron, and Andy and you get a sandwich of awesome. Plus the finale had Adam Scott from Party Down (see below). He is the perfect yin to Leslie's yang. Complete opposites, but I don't know....I smell some chemistry there! I would love him to be a permanent character if Party Down gets canceled (NO!). Would be fine with recurring. One of the reasons this show is so amazing is definitely Amy Poehler's character. I adore Leslie. She is like the anti-Michael Scott. She adores her job and works super hard at it. Very Liz Lemon except Liz knows she is pretty pathetic...Leslie is a bit naive when it comes to acknowledging her social awkwardness.

7. Glee

I'm thinking the episode "Theatricality" AKA "the Gaga episode" might have been my favorite of the season. Poker Face? Amazing! Lea and Idina can do no wrong. And I loved the little shout out to how ridiculous it is that the piano guy is just kind of always around. I wish they wouldn't have to have a source to all their music though. Come on Glee, embrace the musical genre!! Oh, and the speech that Kurt's dad gave on homophobia? Tears. A pretty difficult episode for Finn. Plus, hearing a love song to his ex-girlfriend too? Poor kid. He was absolutely in the wrong, but so was Kurt. I'm actually glad that Finn was the one who got the speech from Kurt's dad only because I think it means more towards a likable character. It was a way for us to say, "woah, they went there"! And the finale is next week! And they are singing Journey again! OK, simmer down you little 13 year old girl.

6. Arrested Development
I know, I know...."Beth, you're telling me you haven't ever seen Arrested Development?" Yes, it's true gentle readers. I was an AD Virgin until this Spring. And wow. So funny. Like pee in your pants funny. And just SO cringeworthy. So, think of all the things on the Office that makes you cringe and multiply it times a billion and that's Arrested Development. I think I may want my own personal Gob Bluth. Just keep him in a cage and bring him out with his magic or his puppet, Franklin, to entertain me. What the heck is this about a movie? According to IMDB, it's shooting this year and will be released next year. Oh, Gods of Kobol, please be right!!

5. Party Down

I have a friend online that wouldn't stop talking about this Adam Scott guy and I'm all "Who's Adam Scott?" Sigh...just the adorably, dreamy, cute, and dorky guy from Party Down of course! I first noticed him on Parks and Recreation thinking wow, what a perfect character for this show and he is so perfect for Leslie, and OMG get married and have lots of babies like now! Then I found out he is starring in his own half hour comedy on Starz. Oh, darn, no cable. No problem! It's on Netflix online! So gentle readers, please check this show out! If you were a fan of Veronica Mars or Freaks and Geeks, well you'll see all your friends again. They all play washed up, wannabe actors in Hollywood, working for a catering company. For Reals. So fun!!

4. Six Feet Under
I really adore this show. Only on disc 2, but so far really creeptastic. Super dark yet super funny. And wow, what a cutie Peter Krause was ten years ago. Still handsome, but yowsers (but not as cute as my husband, hi hubby!). I think so far my favorite relationship is the brother's. One wants the business, the other one doesn't, and one is mad because the other one doesn't want the business he wants....well if you can't follow my eloquent description, take my word that it's irony at it's best. I will say, not a fan of Brenda. She is just a miserable, mocking, know it all. Remember, only three episodes in, but come on lady. Get over yourself. Hoping to see the sister become a more integral part of the story. Right now she kind of has her own story line with Mr. Eric Balfour who is playing a high school student....again. Oh Jesse, what could have been (that was for the Buffy peeps). All in all, looks like I will get completely sucked into this show. Much like Eric Balfour's toe.

3. Parenthood
Honestly, I started watching this show just because of Lorelai, I mean Lauren Graham. The woman is an acting goddess. She can bring on the pain, the funny, and the drama all in one look. Perhaps she will finally get the Emmy recognition she deserves. And in the finale they brought back Jason Ritter (AKA Mr. Cyr, Amber's teacher). Pretty sure Amber is over her crush, so Sarah and Mark can start the dating thing again. Their chemistry is so electrifying, and both actors have a very natural way of "talking" with each other during their scenes. I love that approach to acting....fell in love with it on Friday Night Lights, another Jason Katims gem. Plus Peter Krause from Six Feet Under (see above) who apparently is the real life dating companion of Lauren Graham. You would think that is creepy since they are siblings on the show, but not really. Special shout out to Monica Potter as Adam's wife, Kristina. I love the mom she is and the mom she tries to be. You gotta give her some props in trying to keep it all together.

2. Supernatural
Not since Buffy have I been completely sucked into a show like Supernatural. It is the perfect mix of humor, drama, horror, and family love. There really isn't much romance in this show (other than the fanfic which is ahem...quite good), but that really doesn't matter. It's a perfect blend of everything I love, including lots of classic rock. This season we had an apocalypse and got to hang out with Jacob from Lost (AKA the creepiest Lucifer ever). I'm still really curious as to what will happen next season. We are left seeing Sam looking sadly at a very happy Dean from afar...Dean still thinks he's in hell, but apparently he rose from the grave. We're just not sure how yet. Dean found Lisa who was "the one that got away". Oh, and we'll have a new show runner next year. Kripke is out and Gamble is in. Perhaps Sera will give the show a bit of a woman's touch. Can't hurt. As long as they still have their muscle car and classic rock, I'm in. Oh, and Mark Sheppard. I would be fine with more Mark Sheppard.

1. Lost
Sigh...Lost is over. Really enjoyed the finale. Like so much that I couldn't sleep that night. Last time that happened to me was after the Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica finales. I do know that some folks weren't very happy with it. Some because it didn't solve every little mystery and others because of the whole spiritual aspect of it. I get it. I mean if you were watching Lost for the answers, I can see how that would make you mad. But really...I don't think you were paying attention. It was a character driven show. It was ALL about the characters. And if you got pissy about the spiritual stuff, I get that too. But again...there was a ton of faith based plots. So the Man of Faith wins over the Man of Science. I'm down with that. I would consider myself a spiritual person of faith (most days at least), so the whole "entering into heaven with your loved ones" thing? Ya, I cried....a lot. However you interpret it, I thought it was one of the most beautiful finales I have ever seen. Up there with Buffy's "Chosen". Lost kept me connected to my BFF who is miles and miles away. Like most TV, it is so much more enjoyable shared.

Happy Watching!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Them Winchester Boys....

Oh, the love is thick with those two. Thursday night's finale was full of all kinds of crazy emotions. You got your guilt, your love, your humor from the funny angel turned human turned angel, your big entries (will always remember Dean riding in to battle in the Metallicar blasting his classic rock). And of course no Supernatural finale would be complete without your basic love loss. Yes, it was time for a brother to die, AGAIN. But did Sam get stuck in the fiery (or is it snowy?) pits of hell with Jacob? I mean Lucifer for good? Hmmm, doesn't look like it. And is Lucifer still in hell? God, I hope so. But what about that freakin' lamp post that exploded at the end? Was God telling Sam to let Dean be a normal 30 something man for a change. For a while at least...Is Sam too desperate to give him a normal life that he won't pound on the door and say "Guess who's not in hell? Me!". And what was up with Chuck? Is he God? You know prophets have been know to ascend to heaven. Elijah did. Interesting breaking down that fourth wall, eh? I believe Mr. Kripke was telling us to chill the fuck out. But for the most part it was a beautiful good bye for him. And if Chuck is God and Chuck the writer was representing Kripke the writer, is that a bit egotistical of him? Meh, kind of....but they ARE both creators, aren't they? One of a beloved show, adored by fans. The other of the world we live in, adored by well...everyone. Until next season I have my reruns on TNT and ahem....Fan Fiction :)

Happy Watching