Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goodbye V

OK, had to give up on V. I so adore Elizabeth Mitchell. The woman can act. Like really well. But I was bored. Nothing surprised me. If there was a surprise, I really didn't care. And I'm a big o' "Whedon Freak" so you would think I would stick around for Morena. Nope. Once they pushed her into "Evil Territory" I wasn't as interested in her. I was really young with V was on in the 80's, so I'm clueless when it comes to specific details of the show's plot. I just can't seem to get invested. Oh well. Bye, V. Fastforward...you may not be far behind.

Happy Watching.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All You Need is Love, Brotha

Tuesday's episode of Lost was quite an eye opener to me (get it?...eye opener?...they keep showing the eye?...hello? is thing on?...). I had planned on doing a big, long drawn out blog, but I was side tracked by the awesomeness of Bones. Then my son's birthday party happened. Then I got sick....so, I have a short but sweet post.

So, the key to figuring out what the hell is going on in Sideways World? Love. One four letter word that isn't a curse word. How brilliant is that? So simple, so right to the point...apparently love is all you need. So much love. And I always go gah gah over any Desmond episode. Plus we got lots of Charlie. When we first saw him I seriously thought that was it. Just a little glimpse, but then we got TONS of Charlie, squee! How amazing was it to see Daniel again? How cool and calm he was in SWW. Not the goofy, nutty professor in Island World. He still was his incredibly sweet, smart, yet vulnerable self though, wasn't he? Also interesting shift of the father/daughter relationship in SWW. Penny didn't care a flip about the charity event, and the one person her father adores is Desmond, hmmmm...

OK, that's all the thoughts I have for now. A bit rambelicious but then again, that's the name of the blog :) Happy Watching Lost tonight!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So, It Begins. Tonight on Bones...

What a freakin' AMAZING episode that was. Going right into spoilers, people so you better click out if you don't want to know what happened.

So wow, how many things are we dealing with here? Zachy is back. So great to see Eric Milligan again! Booth and Bones made out once? Booth and Bones almost fucked each other? What, what, what?? Gah! And how cute was it seeing Angela and Hodgins meet each other. Cuteness! And poor Sweet. His book is all wrong. Well, some of the facts anyway. But they love each other, he certainly got that right. Even if Bones won't admit it.

I'm leaning towards a theory. I think Bones really does love Booth, but doesn't think she is worthy of him. Not sure she is aware of all her feelings though. Whatever it is that she is feeling, she is pushing it back because it's never happened to her and it scares her shitless. And Booth is a gambling man, I can see him taking a gamble on her. Some folks on the internet(s) believe that was out of character, but I don't think it was at all. His feelings for her have been stirring all season. And I don't buy the whole "he loves her because there is something wrong with his brain" thing. And ugh...the most frustrating part....when she said "I don't know how to change" I wanted Booth to say "I'll show you". My heart is just breaking for them right now. And yep, we all know what will happen. He will move on... she will finally come to terms with her feelings just as he finds someone else. I hope it's a bit less straight forward than that. Oh, I hope those two will make it.

Jesus, I need a drink. Happy Watching.

I'm Shipping Leia and Chewie

Awesomeness from the folks at EW!

This week's cover: 'The Empire Strikes Back' 30th anniversary

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hey, It's Another TV Blog

For many years I have been one of those crazy, rabid fans of Joss Whedon. You know the type...they arrange their C sections to be on Joss Whedon's birthday. Damn those Whedonite freaks *raises fist* But seeing how Joss has no show on TV at the moment...damn you Fox *raises fist* I have ventured out and have found some damn, fine programming. Yes, I'm still a "Joss Whedon Fangirl", but I'm a fangirl of many other shows. Too many to name. OK, I'll name a few....Fringe, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Supernatural, Lost, Parks and Recreation, Caprica, Friday Night Lights, Dexter, 30 Rock, Parenthood, Bones, Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Modern Family, Mad Men. Reality TV? only two: So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway. OK, plus like every show on HGTV. I can't help it. Haven't decided if I'm a fangirl: FlashForward, V, Life Unexpected. There are also dozens and dozens of shows that will always be near and dear to my heart: Your basic Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse), West Wing, Battlestar Gallactica, Veronica Mars, Freaks and Geeks, ER (in the earlier years), X-Files (again, early years) I could go on and on. But I won't.....because that would be embarrassing.

So, I'm starting a blog to talk about all the TV geeky stuff I like. Do I think I will come up with some amazing revelation, solving the mysteries of Lost? No way. Do I enjoy just jumping head first into character development and creating theories? Indeed. I promise to not ship characters and not ever get hateful towards actors or writers. There is seriously too much hate in the world to start pointing fingers when a story doesn't go your way. Because really, at the end of the day, it's just a TV show. But it's OUR TV show, isn't it? Happy Watching.