Thursday, April 8, 2010

So, It Begins. Tonight on Bones...

What a freakin' AMAZING episode that was. Going right into spoilers, people so you better click out if you don't want to know what happened.

So wow, how many things are we dealing with here? Zachy is back. So great to see Eric Milligan again! Booth and Bones made out once? Booth and Bones almost fucked each other? What, what, what?? Gah! And how cute was it seeing Angela and Hodgins meet each other. Cuteness! And poor Sweet. His book is all wrong. Well, some of the facts anyway. But they love each other, he certainly got that right. Even if Bones won't admit it.

I'm leaning towards a theory. I think Bones really does love Booth, but doesn't think she is worthy of him. Not sure she is aware of all her feelings though. Whatever it is that she is feeling, she is pushing it back because it's never happened to her and it scares her shitless. And Booth is a gambling man, I can see him taking a gamble on her. Some folks on the internet(s) believe that was out of character, but I don't think it was at all. His feelings for her have been stirring all season. And I don't buy the whole "he loves her because there is something wrong with his brain" thing. And ugh...the most frustrating part....when she said "I don't know how to change" I wanted Booth to say "I'll show you". My heart is just breaking for them right now. And yep, we all know what will happen. He will move on... she will finally come to terms with her feelings just as he finds someone else. I hope it's a bit less straight forward than that. Oh, I hope those two will make it.

Jesus, I need a drink. Happy Watching.

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