Saturday, May 15, 2010

Them Winchester Boys....

Oh, the love is thick with those two. Thursday night's finale was full of all kinds of crazy emotions. You got your guilt, your love, your humor from the funny angel turned human turned angel, your big entries (will always remember Dean riding in to battle in the Metallicar blasting his classic rock). And of course no Supernatural finale would be complete without your basic love loss. Yes, it was time for a brother to die, AGAIN. But did Sam get stuck in the fiery (or is it snowy?) pits of hell with Jacob? I mean Lucifer for good? Hmmm, doesn't look like it. And is Lucifer still in hell? God, I hope so. But what about that freakin' lamp post that exploded at the end? Was God telling Sam to let Dean be a normal 30 something man for a change. For a while at least...Is Sam too desperate to give him a normal life that he won't pound on the door and say "Guess who's not in hell? Me!". And what was up with Chuck? Is he God? You know prophets have been know to ascend to heaven. Elijah did. Interesting breaking down that fourth wall, eh? I believe Mr. Kripke was telling us to chill the fuck out. But for the most part it was a beautiful good bye for him. And if Chuck is God and Chuck the writer was representing Kripke the writer, is that a bit egotistical of him? Meh, kind of....but they ARE both creators, aren't they? One of a beloved show, adored by fans. The other of the world we live in, adored by well...everyone. Until next season I have my reruns on TNT and ahem....Fan Fiction :)

Happy Watching

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